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The aim of Social Innovation Booster is to democratize the access to innovation tools for impact driven organizations and individuals. 

Innovation tools and processes are widely used by larger tech companies that we refer to as innovative, but are rarely seen  in the impact sector. Impact organizations, however, often seek to disrupt a status quo or create new markets, in order to achieve the positive impact they are striving for. 

When developing products and services that face a lot of uncertainty, it is essential to have structured processes that embrace the ambiguous and provide a simple way forward. These processes are what Social Innovation Booster bring to its members.

Social Innovation offers Booster Programs and masterclasses that help you design your own user centered innovation process as well as design kickass solutions to our world's complex challenges. By joining the community, you will be on a constant learning journey together with other people who are on the same journey as yourself. 

About me, the host

I’m a business designer and entrepreneur,  passionate about solving our world's complex challenges through sustainable businesses that help our planet to heal, improve people's health and make their lives easier and more joyful.

Previously to Social Innovation Booster, I was leading and growing two service design startups in Sweden and worked for 10 years with service design consulting. My main focus were on designing services in the Swedish welfare system, as well as designing services and innovation processes for larger private corporations, business incubators and social entrepreneurs in emerging markets.  

I  am honored to serve on the advisory boards of two awesome social enterprises; Bringit, on a mission to eradicate single plastic use in the US., and Yugen Education Foundation in India, on a mission to ensure that underserved children have access to high quality education. I serve on the impact team at Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Sweden, and work as a business mentor in the accelerator program Care of Business in Sweden. 

Besides this, I am a proud contributor of two Service Design books: "This is Service Design Doing”, by Marc Stickdorn and "An introduction to Industrial Service design”, by Satu Miettinen.

I am pumped to help you design your own user centered innovation process as well as design your kickass solutions to our world's complex challenges! 

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