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Susanna Nissar

Social Innovation Booster

Susanna Nissar

Social Innovation Booster

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The community of Social Innovation Booster

Social innovation Booster brings together early stage social impact entrepreneurs to learn from each other in a supportive community of peers. The community is our safe space where we share stories, resources, inspiration and cheer and support each other along the way. 

We are all working toward a common goal -  to build sustainable businesses that solve key issues facing our society, improving people's health, making their lives easier and more joyful, and helping to heal our planet.

About me, the host

I’m a business designer and entrepreneur from Sweden, based in Silicon Valley. I’m passionate about solving societal challenges in brand new ways, by building businesses that helps our planet to heal, improve people's health and make their lives easier and more joyful.

That is why I worked hard building and leading two service design agencies in Sweden. I worked for ten years as a business designer with a broad range of clients, designing successful services fueled by purpose and profit. 

Now, I would like to offer this business design framework to you. It is a proven way to build a successful business that meets real market needs. I have been using it myself when building my own businesses and it works!

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